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This section includes information I collected when doing my research for my Regency novels and I thought it might be fun to share.  Even folks who have no intention of ever writing a novel, much less a historical novel, may find the information interesting. In addition, I've had requests for information from other writers who have decided to seriously pursue publication, so I'm expanding this section to include information on topics such as passive voice. Over the next few months, I'll be writing blogs about writing for publication. Although there are a lot of blogs for "newbie authors" there are some topics and experiences that I've had that have not been mentioned elsewhere, and its those things I intend to share. So stay tuned.

Big Note for Rose Lovers: I finally got my hands on a copy of Jules. Gravereaux's 1912 list of the roses grown at Malmaison, La Malmaison. les roses de l'impératrice Jospéhine. With that in hand, I'll be posting a list of those roses, along with other relevant information. Sadly, while there was never a list made of the roses grown at Malmaison during it's height, Gravereaux made the best attempt at creating such a list.. The list is under construction now and I'll be building it out over time. If you love roses, be sure to check it out: Roses Grown at Malmaison.

Of course, since I was also the editor for my local rose society newsletter at one time, much of this is geared toward gardening and roses!  Sorry, I can't always control where my fancy will lead.  Hope you find something of interest.

Regency News


Roses and Rose Gardening During the Regency

Rose Classes ~ Rose Basics
Rose Propagation in the Regency Period
Historical Rose Tidbits
Oriental Roses
Roses at Malmaison
Roses at Malmaison, Part 2
Malmaison Rose List
Miscellaneous Gardening Information
Favorite Regency Roses
More Regency Rose Favorites
Rose Recipes (Receipts)  
A Brief Historical Look at Roses  
More Rose Recipes  
Rose Gardening Bibliography  

General Articles on Writing

Index of Writing Articles
Passive Voice
Corpses for Murder Mystery Writers
Remedial Characterization

Finding your Creative Side--The Kid with the Crayons

The basis for the article featuring my alter ego, Amy Padgett, in the May 2007 issue of MORE magazine.

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