As part of the MAPS program, Mapping Avian Productivity and Survivorship, we band birds from the end of May through early August.  This consists of arising before dawn on most weekends, to open up mist nets and collect information on birds for 6 hours.  We capture birds in the nets, band them and release them unharmed (but seriously pissed off). is the web page for MAPS.

    Photos of Warblers we have banded.

    Photos of Tanagers and other birds we have banded.

For those of you who would like more information, here are some pictures showing some of the birds we have banded and the mist nets.

This is a bird in a mist net.  The nets are approximately 20 feet long and 5 feet tall with loose folds which form pockets.  They are hard to see and birds fly into them, get caught in the folds and from there, we can band the birds and release them unharmed.


We check the nets every 15 minutes to insure that birds do not remain trapped for long in the folds.  As you can see, even when you know where the nets are, they are difficult to spot as they are black nylon.

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