Award-winning author, Amy Padgett, is an insatiable reader and a compulsive writer.  She joined the Romance Writers of America at its inception and never looked back, although a career as an enterprise systems administrator in the computer industry did demand at least some of her attention.  She writes Regencies, paranormals, and Regency-set mysteries.  To be truthful, most of her books include a bit of murder and mayhem since she discovered that killing off at least one character is a highly effective way to make the remaining ones toe the plot line.

 Amy lives out in the country, way out in the country, and deeply regrets not having carried a camera when she:  nearly ran over a 20 lb barracuda (yes, the entire, quite fresh, fish) lying in the middle of her road; noticed a hot-air balloon landing in her front yard; and found a dairy cow thoughtfully trimming the grass at her mailbox.  She wishes she’d also had a rope when she came across the cow because she likes fresh milk and could have used the cow poo for her roses, which currently number well over 100. 

 Her wildlife biologist husband, two chocolate labs, chow-mix dog, two cats, and who knows how many chickens, enjoy the temperate climate on thirty acres near the coast of North Carolina.  Even hurricane season has its moments. 


Books by Amy Corwin
The Dead Man's View