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Deadly InheritanceDeadly Inheritance

Published: 2015

Some inheritances are better unclaimed...   

Nora has always had a single goal: to found a no-kill shelter for abandoned animals. Her dream seems impossible until she discovers she is heir to a fortune. Unfortunately, there’s one catch. Nora must spend two weeks at Autumn Hill, along with the four other heirs, to inherit. An evil reputation plagues the house, and the death of her uncle, found murdered in a locked room within Autumn Hills’ dark walls, only intensifies the house’s menacing atmosphere.


But Nora’s not frightened easily, and she’s smart. Suspecting that the murderer may be one of the heirs, and she hires investigator Gabe O’Brien to accompany her.

Gabe isn’t a bodyguard, but he’s intrigued by Nora’s appeal and agrees. Unfortunately, Nora soon has doubts about him when she nearly dies in a suspicious accident. Surrounded by strangers, Nora’s not sure who to trust, and relying upon the handsome investigator threatens to put her heart in as much danger as her life.


But Nora refuses to give up her dream, no matter the cost. She’s determined to unmask the killer, claim her inheritance, and discover if she can trust Gabe with her life and her love.


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