Gardening during the Regency period in England is pretty much the same as gardening now, with the exception of some of the plants which simply weren't available or didn't exist back then.  This page offers suggestions to writers who may not garden, but would like to include a little color in their manuscripts. 

One note:  please do your research.  I'm reading a book right now by a really famous author, who has someone picking ripe pears and eating them while apple and plum trees are blooming around them.  Ah...when did those pear trees blossom, get pollinated, and have time to let the pears ripen, while all the other trees were still dormant?  Were desperate insects wearing tiny snowsuits dodging snowflakes in order to get to those pear blossoms in the dead of winter?

If you don't garden, don't despair about adding authentic details.  The British are fabulous gardeners and there are tons of information on the web.  My own pages are only a starting point.  

The information is broken down into the sections listed below.

History of Roses There were no yellow roses, particularly climbing roses, that were worth a darn, so get over it.  Don't have your heroine plucking a yellow rose unless she likes the scent of rotten carrion.
Basic What is Blooming? A very brief, basic list of what plants were typically grown and when they bloomed (c. 1809-1857)
Roses Modern and Old Garden Roses from my own garden

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